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Metro Detroit using CRWU from EPA ?

November 26, 2014

EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utilities (CRWU) initiative assists
the water sector, which includes drinking water, wastewater,
and stormwater utilities, in addressing climate change impacts.
Through the development of practical and easy-to-use tools,
EPA promotes a clear understanding of climate science
and adaptation options by translating complex climate
projections into accessible formats
This information helps utility owners and operators
better prepare their systems for the impacts of climate change.

EPA Climate Ready Utilities

EPA Climate Ready Utilities


Extreme weather events, sea level rise,
shifting precipitation patterns and temperature variability,
all intensified by climate change, have significant implications
for the sustainability of the water sector.
By planning for, assessing and adapting to these challenges,
the water sector can fulfill their public health and
environmental missions
and begin the process of becoming climate ready.

VIDEO – “Becoming Climate Ready”

Water Utility Climate Resilience Support Projects
EPA is supporting more than 20 comprehensive climate-related
risk assessments for drinking water and wastewater utilities
using the Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool.
The Agency will provide technical assessment assistance
to the participating utilities, which will help identify
adaptation strategies for implementation to bolster
climate readiness and resilience.


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