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Open stormdrains and electrical power 2015

December 6, 2014

Michigan Public Service Commission has said that DTE
– does not – do enough to trim trees near power lines.
Land near waterways poses unique challenges of who owns what
and which easement rights of access need to be observed.
Trees grow well where water is abundant and plentiful.

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Flood Area Warren Sterling Heights

Flood Area Warren Sterling Heights

An article written by Jay Greene in Crain’s Detroit Business
published December 05, 2014 goes on to describe how the
state commission has criticized DTE’s track record on tree trimming.

Power outages to huge amounts of residents and businesses
are blamed on limbs falling on the power lines during storms.

The MPSC has ordered DTE to cut more than their “normal” rights-of-way
to avoid residents having to rely on gas powered generators.
It is no secret to Michigan residents that failure to do
serious tree trimming is the major reason for most power outages.
A MPSC report pulls no punches claiming a full 40 percent of
the tree-related outages were caused by trees growing
outside of the utilities’ official right-of-way corridors.

An excellent place to start would be in Warren and Sterling Heights
where around 260,000 people live near open stormdrain channels.
Numerous other communities also have open waterways with trees
and powerlines criss-crossing the land near the water.

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Red Run watershed

Red Run watershed


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