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The 4 Quart 24 hr challenge

December 12, 2014

The challenge asks participants to live on 4 quarts of water;
for 24 hours — including bathing, cooking, drinking, cleaning,etc.
The standard average American uses approx. 100 gallons per day
and the challenge founder wants Americans to think harder about water usage.



Americans take water for granted, despite extensive news coverage
of droughts, extensive pollution concerns, and other media.
If water began to cost $25 a gallon , people would change quickly.
Perhaps it is time, to raise, the cost of drinking water in the USA.
It costs real money to get clean drinkable water, pumped, into your kitchen.

Once someone actually …HAS TO… live on a gallon day,
then they fundamentally change the way they think about water.

Water is more basic and essential than food.
It is the one item, all 8 Billion of us on the planet,
have to have, on a regular basis to survive, day to day.
Pay those water bills first, it is that important,
and the water bill is pretty damn cheap in the USA.
Don’t want to pay so much, reduce your usage, pay less.
Purified drinking water, pumped to a faucet, costs money.


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