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Trusting government

January 11, 2015

The City of Flint has a large Drinking Water distribution problem right now in January 2015. It sent out notices to residents regarding trihalomathanes in the drinking water coming out of their home faucets. An excess of the maximum contaminant level over many years may cause problems with people’s liver, kidneys or central nervous system and have an increased risk of getting cancer.

Setting health guidelines is a balancing act of Economics and Medical Science

Extremely stringent guidelines are often prohibitively expensive, yet “loose” constraints make residents feel apprehensive, scared and uncomfortable.  Water is one of those commodities where people want it as cheap as possible, yet subconsciously they realize there are substantial costs involved in providing pristine, clear, pressurized, clean drinking water.

Trihalomethane is a common byproduct in municipal systems that are treated with chlorine to disinfect the water. The EPA standards are set based on someone drinking 2 liters of water a day. Some folks who are elderly, or have a severely compromised immune system, may want to use carbon filters on their faucets.

Government can do only so much, for a set cost, to protect your family – and they generally do a decent job most of the time. They will never, ever, be able to scrub, filter, remove, everything that gets into the water. You might be well advised to spend a few dollars extra each year with a simple faucet mounted device and replace the cartridges on a timely basis. ONLY when people actually pay more taxes, will the water distribution supply chain improve. It doesn’t happen by wishing, hoping, praying, expecting it to happen. It is everyone’s responsible to pay into the system.

A typical 3 Stage Water Filter

A typical 3 Stage Water Filter





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