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Water reality check

February 21, 2015

There is an amazing amount of rhetoric , noise and buzz about people “” supposedly “” too poor to pay their water bills around the MetroDetroit area. There is also a major lack of evidence , concerning extreme inordinate unsurmountable Monthly Water Bills.

People in and around Detroit , simply have not posted their water bills , online, within social media, on the internet, for others to view. I suspect it is because the water bills were neglected, de-prioritized, deemed un-important enough to pay In Full, for a fresh zero balance, each and every month.

It may be tough, unfair, inaccurate, to compare Detroit to other cities. …nag,nag,nag, whine, whine. Get over it, It Happens if you like it or not. There is some truth in the charts. Especially when similar numbers pop up repeatedly on various different comparative mechanisms. Maybe you really do waste a ton of water, every single day, all year long. image image image image If people really were truly outraged, incensed, furious, we would be seeing 100,000 scans, copies, smartphone pics, on InstaGram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc etc etc etc proving the injustice. If it is seriously bad, you’ve sought out assistance already, right ?

Clean, disinfected, purified, pressurized, drinkable water, distributed to residential kitchen faucets is a SERVICE that costs money. Yeah, the price went up a bit recently, perhaps in a deceitful manner, but it is not forcing people out of their Metro-Detroit homes.

People need to re-think priorities. You cannot drink a Tweet, swallow a gallon of Gasoline,  quench your thirst with Comcast, or flush your toilet with Cigarettes. Drinkable Water comes first, everything else is secondary. Think about it all for a second. Let’s stop the bullshit , No one is wiping your debt.


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