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Urban water and fish

March 6, 2015

The Clinton River involves a LARGE part of Oakland County with its old crumbling Combined Sewer Systems.
Fish compete with CSO dumps into the Clinton River. Each major CSO stirs up sediment choking fish and creates a Delta in Lake St.Clair


A facility (RTB) Retention Treatment Basin –basically– just screens out feces and sprays bleach on the water.

The Red Run Drain = The GWK
George W. Kuhn = an RTB of 90 million/gal





We all know fish need oxygen.
It is dissolved in the water and the amounts of oxygen are easily compromised.


For 50 years, Oakland County has refused to FIX an outdated system of combined sewer systems and simply tried a band-aid approach with the 12TownsDrain aka RedRunDrain .



The building and operation of the GWK retention treatment basin result has not been all that spectacular, despite an intense media blitz. Sure the discharge meets ” guidelines” ….ha ha ha.

Flooding along the Clinton River and its tributaries is a major concern — and much of the blame falls squarely on Oakland County.
Water quality is also a function of the CSO’s discharged into the Red Run Drain. The GWK basin often can not handle the rainfall amounts.

Now the EPA wants to pledge $ 20 million towards the Clinton River. That is taxpayer money, your money, out of your pocket, remember ?  I recall “another” $ 20 million via the USACE (Engineering Corps of the USA) back in 2011. Oh yeah , how much was the GWK basin…around $ 200 million.




I just love the Gag Order on everyone regarding our “Water and Sewage Rates” so people like Brian Baker are insulated from the storm hitting the fan in 2015.

Let us remember Pontiac is now ” the” new sewer processing site to feed the Clinton River. Pontiac needs revenue $$$ via sewage processing.


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