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GLWA and Brian Baker

March 18, 2015

A recent article in the Advisor and Source Newspapers by SEAN DELANEY showed Brian Baker receiving an award from Mark Hackel. Brian Baker has been extremely quiet regarding the GLWA in SouthEast Michigan.


Brian Baker was recently  ””recognized for his role in facilitating comprehensive management and structural change for improved efficiency, cost reduction and accountability as a member of the Great Lakes Water Authority, which oversees the wholesale water rate-setting process for 17 communities in Macomb County and the 11 county communities on the regional sewer system.”””

The article goes on to explain “”Brian Baker worked extensively on the water and sewer rate-setting process for the past 28 years. He also serves on the Project Oversight Committee reviewing Detroit Water and Sewerage Department efficiencies and recommended best practices.””

Will we ever hear directly from Brian Baker , as our GLWA representative , for The City of Warren ? Is he always going to be behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows, quiet, shy, and let others release info on his behalf ?

Oakland and Macomb Counties share numerous Inter-County Drain  concerns affecting 100’s of thousands of residents. Oakland County – relies – on Macomb , for its  stormwater strategy.


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