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Who runs GLWA ?

April 16, 2015

It would appear all things water are controlled, managed, usurped, etc by OaklandCounty.
A number of items concerning water over the years seem to “occur” as MacombCounty officials stand silent in the process. I would say submissive, versus, dominant.

OaklandCounty cannot drain itself. It is in effect landlocked, NEEDING other counties to “allow” storm water to flow to lower elevations.

Click to enlarge pic below
image Total compensation 1/2 Million $$$$$$…??


image Will officials in MacombCounty actually take a stand for their citizens – or merely continously cowtow to OaklandCounty’s wishes ? People have short memories. Instead of doing sewage properly – OaklandCounty took the cheap easy way out.

Environment, clean water, recreation were NOT the priorities of
L Brooks Patterson in the past.
He did not seem concerned one bit.
Why should anyone trust the GLWA
now in 2015, if it is all 1 sided ? Hopefully no one gets steamrolled.


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