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Oakland needs to evolve

April 18, 2015

Progress moves forward with no regard for politicians, leaders, rulers or their past history.
It is relentless, steamrolling over those who stand in its way.

L Brooks Patterson made a decision to keep an old drainage system in Oakland County
– pure and simple.
The system in place for the 12TownsSewageDistrict of Oakland County relies on storm water mixing with sewage.
Macomb County has separated drains – one for rainstorms – one for sewage from toilets.

Communities with combined sewage overflow systems (CSOs) are outdated in 2015, they lead to overflows that pollute.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 850 billion gallons of untreated wastewater and storm water are released through CSOs each year in the United States.

Federal guidelines require municipalities to renovate these outdated systems to protect human health and the environment.

L Brooks Patterson has repeatedly commented in the media that Oakland County is wealthy, it has a healthy economy, etc etc.
Oakland County is full of cash.
No one would say Oakland County is struggling, impoverished, run down, or in need of help.
Years of being a selfish island ensured its economic vitality.
Time to pay up, fix the outdated combined sewer systems, eliminate the CSO discharges into the Clinton River via Red Run.

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) represents sewer districts and it realizes communities need to evolve forward.


Oakland County continues to lay more concrete, more asphalt, develop land — all of which forces more water into the drains.

Time to modernize, contribute to all citizens of Metro Detroit , via purified, sanitized, clean water discharge, every day of the year.
Straining the feces, adding some bleach, retaining the water a bit, doesn’t really cut it anymore. The old system is often overwhelmed and contributes to flooding downstream.




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