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Political Sewage

May 17, 2015

Many massive sewage infrastructure contractors consistently appear
in mayoral and council campaign finance reports as generous contributors.

Most Michigan Drain Commissioners are elected to office.
They are public officials who function under Michigan law
to build and maintain infrastructure worth millions/billions.

Drain Commissioners run political campaigns and have fund raisers
often hosted by sewage infrastructure contractors as well.

Who or What acts as the “”Checks and Balances”” for
fair play, integrity, justice, etc in political campaigns?
Most residents have no clue where stormwater goes,
the costs associated with the infrastructure,
or the political wrangling between counties.

Perhaps there needs to be some reform in the
Political Contribution process in light of
Racketeering (RICO) Case involving
Plaintiffs :
– Macomb Interceptor Drainage District (MIDD)
– Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD)
– City of Detroit

Now with the GLWA – Great Lakes Water Authority in the mix,
along with unique INTERCOUNTY agreements already in place,
the entire political process gets ever stranger.

The Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drainage District (OMIDD)
was established under Chapter 21 of the Michigan Drain Code.
One of the unique characteristics of a “Chapter 21” district
is that the district is physically located in multiple counties.
In this case, the OMIDD is in both Oakland and Macomb counties.

We already had the 12 Towns Drainage District which takes
stormwater from Oakland County and rams it through Warren
via the Red Run Drain into the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair.

A reminder of the OMIDD project of which Warren needs to be
a part of , to aid flooding / surcharging of existing systems.

OMID Control Structure Map

OMID Control Structure Map

Interceptor Project with Detroit

Interceptor Project with Detroit

The Detroit Interceptors for Sewage

The Detroit Interceptors for Sewage


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