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DEQ and Red Run

May 31, 2015

Online reporting of actual events on the Red Run
and Clinton River via CSO discharge of Kuhn Basin
IS NOT EXACTLY the priority of the DEQ

– Facilities are required to notify the MDEQ within 24 hours
when a CSO or SSO discharge begins.
– After the discharge ends, the facility must submit a
complete report including the locations and volume of the discharge.
THE CATCH – Online reporting sources are quite a bit slower

The Southeastern Oakland County Sewage Disposal Authority
(also referred to as the Twelve Towns Drain District)
was established in 1942 to address flooding problems.

How well do you think they have accomplished those goals ?
It is 2015 and Oakland County STILL has combined sewer systems,
despite LBrooksP boasting about massive revenue flow in the county.
Kuhn Basin discharges under Dequindre Road into the Red Run
located in Warren, within Macomb County.
Flooding occurs HERE in the cities of Macomb County due to
decisions made decades ago to save money by LBrooksP

ClintonRiver 10am May31_2015

ClintonRiver 10am May31_2015


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