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Clinton River Concerns

July 24, 2015

— Despite the “media hype” , the Clinton River has been; and STILL is; a major concern for federal agencies.
— It was NOT well taken care the past 50 years. Taken for granted, neglected, abused, dumped on, and taken advantage of, for Sewer Disposal, the river is limping along.
— Both Counties, Oakland and Macomb, contribute massive amounts of Stormwater runoff into the river, every time it rains.
Would you lick a parking lot ?
Stick you face into the discharge of a 50 year old “rain drain” to cool off ? That is EXACTLY what goes into the Clinton, plus Sewage Overflow on many occasions.
It’s reality, truth, and it is not pretty.
— The new GLWA needs to force Oakland County to separate its’ ¬†drain pipes – one for rain water – one for sewage. Antiquated ancient Combined Sewer systems have no place in a modern, high tech society. The EPA and DEQ both know Oakland County has massive tax revenue. LBrooksP continually raves about how well the county is doing. It is 2015, time to pay up, and stop skirting the issue, stop dancing around it. Fix it ! Oakland County does not exist as an island. It impacts “other people” across Dequindre Road, in Macomb County.

You’ll see the Clinton River, 3rd spot down, from the top of the list, for Action Plans.





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