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Modern water strategy

September 25, 2015

We all live in 2015 , the present.
MetroDetroit cities are built of concrete, steel, asphalt, blacktop along with many NON-natural items. We are quite removed from nature on a day-to-day basis.

The oil companies have put their pipelines under rivers and lakes for decades. Not exactly new news to anyone paying attention lately.

WHY does everyone accept the #sewerdistricts as they currently are ? Because of a creek, stream, river, a watershed, the topography of the earth, natural boundaries ?

There is nothing natural about stormwater flow in our modern society – with 2 million square ft. warehouse roofs and parking lots.
We live among huge industrial manufacturing complexes covering 100’s of acres,
often under one flat metal roof.

Think about it.
We make toilet water go exactly
where we want it to go, the
We make massive parking lots
dry by forcing the puddles of rain into steel grates with underground piping towards major rivers.

Why is “”your”” sewer district drawn the way it is ? Can a sewer district be Inter-County ? We already have many Inter-County drains, with special drainboards. A sewer district can be gerrymandered by Corporate lobbying, political pressure, or antiquated 1960’s planning strategies ?

Have you challenged your city council, your GLWA rep, the county executive, drain commissioner, etc. on exactly how sewer rates are calculated ? It should not be a mystery. Data from stormflow meters shows the corporate burden of responsibility, based on roof size, parking lot size.
The Oakland Mall area is a great example of acre, upon acre, of roofs, parking lots, and all that rainwater has to go – somewhere.

Warren gets a tremendous amount of stormwater flow from the GWK District in Oakland County. Why is OakPark in the GWK district ? Numerous similar examples exist.
Hmmmmm, makes you wonder;
in a modern society of technology
and engineering abilities.




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