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Macomb Water Authority ?

October 4, 2015

Does it truly make sense for Macomb County to go entirely solo , as a unique entity, for a tap water system ?

If there is bargaining power, as a mass unit, with dozens of communities with a unified front, does it not make sense to be  REGIONAL ?  A cumulative effect of Oakland and Macomb Counties, together ?

Should the Madison Heights residents on one side of Dequindre Road – pay a different fee – than the Sterling Heights residents – for the EXACT same tap water ??

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Is Macomb County looking north to the KWA drinking water supply ?



I find it ludicrous that Anthony Marrocco wants Macomb to go solo. I see it as a power grab , from the Drain Commissioner.

Think long and hard about the idiocy of using Dequindre Road as the dividing line between pricing tap water in Metro Detroit.
— The Sewage is definitely InterCounty flowing between ALL 3 Counties, and that will not change anytime soon.

If it IS based on elevation, distance, pumping – than OAKLAND County – should pay the most for tap water.
It has multiple sites at 1200ft above sea level – like Pine Knob and Mt. Holly.


How does Warren fit in; since it is close to Detroit, YET the city of Warren has its own Waste Water Treatment Plant. Our water bills are quite reasonable right now.




Combined SEWER overflow corridor

Combined SEWER overflow corridor


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