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Neighborhood Monitoring

October 13, 2015

Is your neighborhood being monitored for wastewater and stormwater flows ? How would you know ?


Does the residential community have a set of unique meters – compared to the commercial or industrial parks ?

Have you ever had a discussion with your local City Council regarding what the meters read, the analysis, or conclusions drawn from the data ?

What if you use rainbarrels extensively for flushing toilets, doing laundry, irrigating a garden ?
Then TapWater INBOUND for drinks  does not equal wastewater  outbound in the sewer , eh ?
Big house with lots of roof area, massive patio, and  large concrete driveway has more runoff than small house with massive front and rear lawn !

Are you being charged correctly ?

Who decides for you, local city, the GLWA, or Macomb County ?


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