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Detroit Water ShutOff Farce

October 23, 2015

Let’s be entirely honest with everyone and not insult their intelligence. The Water ShutOff program in Detroit is a joke. It is not taken seriously by anyone.

Tap water and the accompanying
sewage-disposal is damn cheap.
On the order of approx.  $  2.00 per day,
– for a majority of households.
The cost of a doughnut & coffee.


Sure, some single mom has 6 kids, but that responsibility is on the parents (plural),
both of them.

Detroit government officials need to stop the joke of Water Shutoffs.
If they were truly serious, 
they would CUT the pipe,
WELD in a plug
Force the issue of reality. Drinking water is not free in USA. Theft of utilities is a crime.

Anyone can buy a Water Key.
They are readily available. People simply ILLEGALLY  “” turn “” the water back on;
after it has been turned off.

You might have to scroll down the channel 7 news page to see this video :

About 90% of Shutoffs are back on and functioning the next day.
No bullshit, facts, do the math.
11803 / 12758 = 92 %


Detroit is behind in collections to the
tune of $ 68 Million dollars.


Detroit is now completely on its own with no support from suburbs


Water Keys can be bought locally





How will Detroit hold its end of the contract with the newly formed GLWA ?


Time to get down to reality and stop playing games before it really escalates out of control.

Detroit needs politicians with backbone and integrity who don’t break down due to media hype, protests, etc. Stand firm, stand true to what actually exists now; not some “” wish”” of what might be nice in fairy tales.


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