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Dawson & Ryan in Warren

October 27, 2015

County and city planners make decisions every day based on elevation of property. The area by Dawson Drive and Ryan Road at the Red Run Bridge in Warren Michigan has been a low spot for 60+ years.

The Red Run has a large flat concrete slab by Dequindre Road.
Drawings show it at 597 ft


A mere 18 ft of StormWater brings the Red Run to the 100 year “floodplain” level of 615 ft.
– Notice the actual 48 inch diameter stormsewer is buried at about 610ft (below the floodplain)


Old stormdrains leak when overfilled, connections get mis-aligned from continual Bridge vibration, etc, etc.


So when the ground is ultra- saturated with Rain, and the pipes are full and surcharging along with leaking like sieves – the water finds its way into people’s basements.


It’s easy to see how stormdrains quickly overwhelm the sewer drains causing chaos.

The City of Warren has plans to rehabilitate Dawson Drive by Ryan Road. Residents at the lowest elevation should get backflow/checkvalves installed at city expense. Numerous flooding incidents have occurred at this exact site, City Council has heard residents complain over many years, the Mayor and County Government know it occurs as well. It is not a one time,  act of nature, idiosyncracy. It is multiple, repeated, and far too often for residents to endure poor city planning.


The houses by Dawson and Ryan are at a low elevation, by the Bridge.



Perhaps some dredging needs to occur – under the bridge – making the channel deeper, at that point.


The GLWA and Inter-County DRAIN boards know full well  how often the 12TownsDrain facility aka GWK Retention Basin discharges CSO into the Red Run and ClintonRiver.

Residents deserve a break from flooded basements – with the city paying the expense to fix the situation – especially if the concrete is going to be torn up anyways. Time to plan, strategize, discuss, and permanently fix a situation once and for all in 2016.


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