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Local elections 2015

November 14, 2015

Now that elections have ended, everything has settled down,
and the new faces have taken over,
contact them with your concerns.


Oakland County (just over Dequindre Road) plays a BIG role in  local drainage issues of Macomb County. Major sewer lines are called Interceptors. One of the largest is the OMID (oakland macomb interceptor drain)- flowing through Warren. Warren should have free access to the Interceptor, making up for the GWK Basin Red Run open channel eyesore.


Then there is the issue of paying for tapwater via the GLWA agreement. Which water intake will your bill go towards ? Hopefully ALL the cities will get EQUAL representation , regardless of the physical boundaries of the Counties.


Educate yourself on the sewer and water districts so you do not get hosed by slick proposals and political doublespeak.


I think ski mountains (at high elevations) and far distances, should pay a high premium for drinking water. I also think Sewer rates should be based on impervious surface area (rooftops, driveway, parking lots, etc) so that massive commercial/ industrial complexes pay a majority of the operational costs.

Get to know who represents your household and exactly what they are going to do for you in 2016.
We all need fresh clean drinking water, and count on the toilet flushing our waste away.


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