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Ecoli in Michigan waters

January 22, 2016

I recently attended a Webinar to learn more about Ecoli in Michigan waterways. The state needs to really crack down on Septic fields and Septic tank inspections.

I think funding needs go towards more DNA testing after a big rainstorm. Differentiate the Goose & Duck poop,  from the Dog & Cat poop,  both of which are NOT human poop. An Ecoli shutdown of a beach should be justified and trusted. Animals exist and folks need to adjust a bit. Pet owners need to pick up after pets,  period.
Farmers with animals need to protect the waterways from contamination. People should also protect themselves while at the beach or paddling a canoe/kayak.


View a recording at

Slides can be viewed

Understand that suburban development has led to highly “flashy”  conditions in local tributaries,  open drains,  and rivers. Water levels rise very quickly due to runoff from all the massive parking lots,  industrial parks,  residential roofing,  driveways and streets. It also flows quickly as storm runoff is channeled to lower elevations.

Combined Sewer Overflows and Sanitary Sewer Overflows are not going to dissappear from our lives,  until huge amounts of money $$$$ from federal or private entities occurs. I’ve seen improvements over 50 years  but I also think bandaids were put on situations needing actual true surgery.

Southeast Michigan has big problems.  The region needs to drop the racial overtones,  void the artificial County boundaries,  and focus on the task at hand – moving an enormous amount of StormWater –  without mixing human poop into the flow  !
Build infrastructure regardless of a few nimby complainers,  for the greater good, of the Fresh Water Great Lakes of Michigan.


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