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Highest Price for water ??

February 1, 2016

Anyone that gives it a moment of thought quickly realizes that Ski Resorts on a MOUNTAIN should be paying a massive premium to pump huge amounts of clean drinkable water thru a snow gun.

Nov 13, 2014
#120 – The number of snow guns at Pine Knob ski resort.
$7,500-$10,000  The 2014 cost to run snow guns per eight-hour shift overnight at the ski resort

Many nearby resorts exist and they should shoulder the burden of cost for water usage in the winter.


Sure we have huge amounts of fresh,  clean,  drinkable water available –  just don’t stick ordinary residents with the bills for others.

Hopefully the GLWA does a massive re-think on who uses the most water,  and charges accordingly,  instead of discounting,  or giving breaks towards them while residential taxpayers get stuck with infrastructure costs.

Industry needs to pay its fair share of StormWater and Sewer needs (roof,  parking lot,  etc runoff) in addition to clean,  processed,  drinkable tap water usage. Perhaps some need to re-evaluate a Grey water recycling solution.

“We are pleased that Governor Snyder sees the importance of Michgian’s winter travel and recreational activities,” says Steve Kershner, chairman of the Michigan Snowsports Industries Association and Director of Snowsports at Shanty Creek Resorts in Bellaire. “Winter travel accounts for nearly 1/3 of the $17.7 billion-a-year Michigan travel industry,” Kershner adds, noting that no matter where you live in the state, you are within a 2-hour drive of a ski area.


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