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Sewer jetting 2016

March 17, 2016

Crews were out today March 17, 2016 around noon 12:00 on Dawson Drive in Warren,  Michigan looking down manholes in neighbors front lawns.


They did work back in 2012 on the intersection of Ryan Road  & Dawson Drive :

City engineers mentioned replacing the deteriorating concrete slabs in the street with fresh concrete this spring. In addition,  Edge Drains were to be put in,  keeping the road bed drier,  and prolonging its life.

Since houses shake with picture frames rattling on the wall,  from Ryan Road Red Run Bridge traffic – – one can only imagine what happens to the underground  clay porcelain or concrete drain piping and connections.  I doubt much aligns properly after 50 years.

Consumers Energy crews dug up about 50 front yards last week and this week,  in the Dawson neighborhood,  modifying the natural gas lines. Somehow,  they were NOT deep enough,  interfering with the new concrete street construction project with Edge Drainage.

IF the state and county,   have engineering standards on the books – HOW the hell,  do “”some”” houses have the natural gas lines at the correct depth and 50 random houses do not   ?   The entire subdivision was built at roughly the same time in mid 1960’s.

Odd – but hey,  it is Warren Michigan afterall.  Those well intentioned Edge Drains will not keep basements from flooding,  they only keep the concrete dry,  go figure !  The original concrete slabs lasted 50 years without them.  The neighborhood streets built in the 1960’s are scheduled for replacement now, in 2016.


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