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Pontiac WWTP and Clinton

April 1, 2016

I think a tremendous amount of  “flow”  could be restored to the Clinton River by simply cleaning up the immense Woody Debris between Sylvan Lake and Crystal Lake (South Blvd by Pontiac Municipal Golf Course).
Oakland County and Pontiac are now spending millions on retrofitting their WWTP.

I lived on Crystal Lake, kayaked it often,  explored every tributary. I bushwacking solo thru intense underbrush back under Telegraph by the Trailer Park.  A 2 bedroom, 2 bath,  with large community pool,  overlooking the lake, on South Blvd,  next to a public golf course,  with quick easy access to Sylvan,  Orchard,  Cass Lakes, at Pontiac real estate prices ($700 a month). A very quiet spot as soon as the sun fell, insulated by Crystal Lake and the Golf Course.  I worked down the street for General Motors – North American Operations – life was good. I kayaked all over Oakland County, just about 12 months a year. Yep,  full dry suit,  pogies,  neoprene boots, spare paddle,  often solo,  all alone.


Well,  that was quite a few years ago, GM pulled out,  Pontiac flopped hard, and no new  development really took off.
– Then Oakland County figured the Waste Water Treatment Plant could take in waste,  for profit  $$$. (click to enlarge)


Do you think the Clinton River will be cleaner,  more flow,  better than before,  because of a WWTP ?
Oakland County has massive overflows now, into the Clinton River already,  combined sewer overflows (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflows (SSO).

Click to enlarge


I don’t think anyone will be drinking the pristine crystal clear waters between Pontiac and Yates Cider Mill anytime soon.  Might need some Mirazyme enzymatic cleaner on that wet suit,  spray top,  waders,  etc. after a paddle most rainy days. Cleaning up the river,  in the upstream part,  would have had more “bang for the buck” ,  improving the Clinton River,  generating more flow,  flushing out the standing stagnant water of the eddies (kayak term) downstream.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the Pontiac Waste Water Plant can handle everything good ol’ Mother Nature throws at it. A few hiccups are expected of course. We’ve had some quick,  intense,  torrential rainstorms,  the last few years. As everyone knows,  the water flows out to MtClemens in Macomb County. Hope they like the increased flow on the Clinton.



Satellite photo just a few days ago of Lake St. Clair – the water is not beautiful blue – its mixed with Sewage Output – via the Clinton River in March 2016.


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