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DWSD improving operations

April 2, 2016

The City of Detroit took a lot of flack over water shutoffs.  There were freeloaders,  billing errors,  and numerous problems,  but it is getting turned around.

DWSD is taking action against commercial accounts and business owners now.

Bryan Peckinpaugh is quoted :


“A lot of our cost has to do with when our collection rates are low due to unpaid balances of water bills, that balance turns into bad debt and then gets transferred to the rates for the following year,” said Peckinpaugh. “So as we improve these business practices and reduce the number of delinquent accounts and improve our collection rates, that actually helps rates. And we’ve seen the impact already.”


Every drop counts,  from every entity that uses tap water, flushes a toilet,  and has stormwater runoff. A large bill for sewage flow from an industrial or commercial account should NOT get special treatment.  The square footage associated with a large roof or parking lot puts a massive amount of  “rain in the drain”.  Pay the fair share for the service of tap water and drainage away from the entity.

Detroit needed to do this a while ago,  and it is great to see they are turning the corner,  moving forward.



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