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Apathy and Numbness

April 8, 2016



Thích Quảng Đức
(1897 – 11 June 1963)
was a Buddhist monk.

“Over-saturation of images and narratives of violence
have resulted in a collective numbness.”

What truly works as an change agent in 2016+  ?

When one burns with passion
it is extremely different than to
be consumed by rage.

Fire has a vulgar beauty.
It overpowers and destroys.

Today leverage exists online.
Those that have burning desires to bring attention
to a cause are the new change agents.

To force attention back onto a stage, evoking pity,
horror and terror – that is a trick indeed !

Isn’t that worth living for  ?

Those that live in Metropolitan Detroit are just now beginning to realize how our local society is absolutely,  surely,  and positively – contaminating our Great Lakes with sewage overflows AFTER heavy rainfalls.

No picture I can put in this article will force any action from anyone.

Only when you taste it,  smell it,  touch it,
swim in it,  consume it,  will you act.

When it become personal, then the fire burns to seek out those responsible.


It is time for change,
light the match !

Illuminate the problems,  let people discuss REGIONAL solutions without idiotic borders like 8 Mile or Dequindre Road.  The drinking water issue involves intake pipes in the Great Lakes,  and the sewage issue contaminates those exact waters.

If you expect little,
you’ll get exactly that,  not much.

Vote away those that can’t evolve.
Force change for many,  not a few.
Fire it all up,  get involved.


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