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What happens UPstream ?

April 13, 2016

In a modern age of Regionalism with the new GLWA versus the me,  me,  me of the independent counties of the past,  what happens UPstream  ?

Is news,  data,  info shared freely among ALL the residents of the REGION ?  Surely if some project at a higher elevation had impact on those at lower elevations,  they would know,  regardless of the imaginary county border lines ?


Is there a new found focus on updating development requirements to include a priority on drainage mitigation  ?

Perhaps some  “stormwater stewardship”  resolutions to prevent even more “”rain-in-the-drain””   ? 

The band-aid fixes of the past were only a minor stop gap measure,  and kicked the can down the road for a while.  Time to grab the bull,  slaughter it,  and remove it from the fine china shop. People downstream are getting tired of repeatedly playing cleanup.  The bullshit needs to end.


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