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The CSO/SSO battle

May 8, 2016

The USA with its EPA office estimates about 40,000 sewage overflows occur across the country
– every single year.

The SSO condition is one where untreated sewage (toilet, laundry, bath water,  etc) is discharged into the environment. It is often the result of a WasteWater disposal system having an overflow, spill, release, discharge, or diversion of untreated or partially treated WasteWater.  The factors creating this condition come from inflow of excessive stormwater into sewer lines during heavy rainfall, malfunctions of equipment, human operator error at WasteWater treatment plant facilities.

They are NOT ever 100% pure feces – they are ALWAYS mixed with a HUGE amount of water.

Do you flush with pure piss ?  NO you don’t    !!!!  The toilet flushes Pure Drinking Water from its tank.

Do you do laundry with water,  of course you do.  Same with the dishwasher,  your kids bath and your shower  ?

The   “”sewage””  is always a majority of Drinking Water mixed with a tiny portion of feces and piss.

IF and WHEN an extremely hard rain causes leakage,  inflow,  infiltration, – from the RAIN drainage system – into the  “”sewage””” drain system,  it further DILUTES the feces and piss.

A person claiming a 100%  pure raw sewage spill – is lying to you.
It is more like primarily 90% water and 10% fecal matter and piss.

Is it still nasty, smelly, and something you want to avoid,  YES   !!!!   The drain systems should be separated – in all cities – in all counties – to protect the natural fresh water supply around us.
Stricter,  tighter,  more punitive measures should be in place to FORCE communities into compliance of a ZERO occurrence policy for Combined Sewer Overflows.

It is simply not okay to spray a bit of sodium hypochlorite onto some minimally screened sewage. The effectiveness of chlorine is highly dependent on the chlorine concentration, time of exposure, and the pH of the water. It is tricky,  complicated,  and involves constant monitoring.

The only real true solution is 100% seperation of the sewer systems in all neighboring communities – along with true, hard core, sewage treatment plants,  releasing “clean” water back into the environment.

Continuous improvement,  NOT status quo,  apathy,  complacency,
“”we met compliance standards””.

Beat the standard,  Crush it, Jump over the bar,  and expect more from local government.



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