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Rain and Recreation

May 17, 2016

You might want to avoid Water Recreation directly after a large rainstorm.


“A number of studies, including this one from 2010, have found that emergency room visits for gastrointestinal distress increase after a heavy rain. These illnesses are believed to spike after a storm because rainwater washes pathogens into lakes and rivers used for recreation and drinking water. A 2015 study published in Environmental Health Perspectives goes a step further than earlier research by pointing to a common type of municipal sewage-treatment system, combined-sewer systems, as an important factor in these illnesses.”


The EPA considers
a major infrastructure problem.

None of this is new info.
Many current politicians fail to act out of fear for their career.  Infrastructure is costly and changes are painful. BUT it needs to happen,  and quickly.


IF people want to play at the Beach when the sun pops out,  we NEED to push politicians to act for wastewater  improvements. 
– Pick up the phone and raise hell.
Write your representatives,  and include pictures in the emails.
Vote out those that have failed.


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    Thank you very much for this article. I was at the recent Save Lake St. Clair meeting where you spoke, and your comments and this email make things a little clearer.

    Sincerely, Joan Schmidt Harrison Township

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