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Taxes, pain and politics

June 15, 2016


You want a better environment with crystal clear streams,  creeks,  rivers,  lakes all around you ?

You WILL pay more taxes,  period.
Local,  state,  federal – all three.
There will be financial pain.

Numerous politicians must sacrifice themselves to vote for the greater good of everyone.  In effect,  they’ll decide to commit political suicide with zero chance of re-election.  Raise taxes all around for infrastructure,  everyone takes the hit,  all feel the pain.

There is no middle ground anymore,  no more little quick fixes. SouthEast Michigan has a StormWater problem of monumental proportions that can’t be kicked down the road any longer.

This looking back of “”oh we done good,  it’s better than ever before”””  is bullshit.  Instead of spending the BILLIONs of dollars,  a few hundred million dollars $ were spent with a “”fix””,  a work around,  an appeasement.

When will residents get serious – after their property values drop ?
Who wants a house that flooded a few times,  the house on a pea soup green canal,  or the house on a seawall too gunky to go for a swim  ?

What will it take…. seriously now !
Pitchforks and blazing torches to force out useless politicians who did nothing to protect your families ?   Old fashioned  Tar & Feathers with a stern “” Leave the town”” never to return  ?   Who looks at voting records and holds anyone accountable anymore………….

Bad engineering,  bad city planning,  bad foresight,  laziness,  etc.  can’t just be swept under the rug,  with a meek “Uh Sorry”.   It is OUR tax money,  there is no Free Federal Money.  It comes from somewhere,  there are consequences and  repercussions for squandering it.

Selfishness,  self-preservation,  for a wanna-be,  life long career politician isn’t exactly in synchronization with Raising Taxes,  Tearing up roads,  the accompanying sewers,  and having crystal clear stormwater discharge everywhere – is it   ??

It’s all about pain tolerance.
Who or what cracks,  bursts,  first ?


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  1. Here’s how to do it — The president just orders a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure upgrades, borrows the money and spends it off budget, same as Bush II did to wage war on Iraq.

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