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Macomb hates trees ? 

July 11, 2016

I’m pretty confused here in Warren by 14 Mile and Ryan,  near the Red Run.  A few years ago,  I could swear the City of Warren PLANTED trees in my neighborhood.

Today,  ALL the 50 year old trees from when I was a kid are being taken down.


Macomb County urban planners PUSHED the planting of trees for a wide variety of reasons.

Now that Warren wants to do some renovation of the street and water main in neighborhood , the residents/taxpayers of 50 years ~~ ~ loose ~~~ the old growth trees,  leaving ugly stumps ?

It  “was”   really nice and quiet here

Now it’s all chainsaws,  wood chipper roar and heavy equipment boom,  crash,  scrape.


I don’t get it.  Plant trees for nice neighborhoods,  wait 20, 30, 40 years for that overhanging  “”green-canopy”” look,  feel,  ambiance.  Then complain about getting sued for trees.

Pick one Macomb – concrete jungles of lifeless gloom or Glorious Trees that buffer winds,  provide shade and create nice liveable neighborhoods.

I’m truly saddened by the fact all the trees are now gone July 11, 2016.  The concrete work in front of my house won’t start until Sept. or Oct.  according to Engineering Staff.

Oh yeah – my basement will probably still get wet,  along with my neighbors,  because that was NOT the focus of the reconstruction work.  I do not live in a floodzone according to FEMA.

FLOODING,  multiple,  repeated,  numerous occassions,  over decades,  is not on Warren’s agenda,  or Macomb County Drain Commissioners mind –  BUT planting trees sure seems to be a taxpayer debacle as well.

Maybe the USACE with their 800+ page reports and double rework of the bank stabilization can solve the backflow,  surcharge,  inflow,  infiltration,  hydrostatic pressurization of our basement drains due to a rising water table ?



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  1. Quite sad. One of the biggest differences I see between the east and west sides are in the old trees. While the Dodge park / Clinton river areas are “somewhat” preserved, overall Macomb looks like a barren flatland.

    • I find it a tad bit Whacked ! How do the trees, on the grass, affect City Workers ability to re-surface the roadbed and replace a drinking water line ?

  2. Water finds its own level, always has, always will. I’ll go toe-to-toe with you regarding Elevation & RedRunDrain & Dawson Drive Neighborhood. I’ve seen the water come up near 620ft sea level elevation in the RedRunDrain numerous times (My videos over several years, are on YouTube). The low point by Dawson & Ryan cause multiple houses to flood, on both sides of Ryan, multiple times the last 20 years. OaklandCounty via 12TownsDrain causes our neighborhood grief. IF The TAP WATER drains are pierced by roots, it would leak, eh ? Leak a whole lot, over 50 years, enough to get someone’s attention. Be very clear on what is being replaced, stormwater drains, or tap water piping ! The letter I got, asked me stockpile drinking water. Apparently it is okay to flush my toilets, do laundry, and take a bath with stockpiled rainwater during the project.

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