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Neighborhood Sewer

July 14, 2016

The Dawson Drive neighborhood in Warren by 14 Mile and Ryan,  north of Red Run drain,  is having an extensive heavy construction project.

The sewer lines for toilet, laundry tub, bath water,  look like this.

Notice how Dawson has 15 inch diameter pipe,  other areas have 8 inch.

The toilet sewer flow goes East,  behind the Warren Community center,  and on to the Warren’s Waste Water Treatment Plant.

You can watch the entire system flow,  from Dawson to the WWTP,  via a YouTube video.

Toilet sewer flow from Dawson
The stormwater flow,  for rain water,  connects into Ryan Road.

Elevation of the neighborhood,  topography,  is around 620 ft above sea level.

The Ryan Road Red Run Bridge is only 620ft above sea level. When the Red Run fills up,  so does everything else,  aka the street catch basins.  Water finds its own level,  always.

Notice the pipe,  at the bottom,  down by the waterline – it is for rainwater off the streets of the Dawson Neighborhood.  When the Red Run is full,  so is this pipe.


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  1. Gina permalink

    So what exactly is being worked on. Is this going to stop flooding in our basement? I get so stressed when it rains. Im right on dawson and RyanRyan(corner house?

    • Our street is crumbling, deteriorating, so Warren will redo the street. They will put in “”edge drains”” to aid rainwater flow into the catchbasins. It will not fix the wet basement problem.

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