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Warren’s Water Wonderland

July 15, 2016

I grew up in Warren,  attended Beer Jr.High and C.S.Mott Highschool. No teacher ever hinted at the local geography,  and few mentioned the history of Warren,  Michigan.

It used to have quite a bit of water.

Water flowed across farmland and was a key part of General Motors coming to Warren.

Water flowed where Halmich Park now exists in The City of Warren. It is easy to see connection to Red Run.

Bear Creek is connected to the Red Run and may have had a connection to Conner Creek in Detroit via a field or marsh.

One picture shows Bear Creek along Mound Road by the USA Military property.

At some point in the 1960’s Bear Creek was enclosed,  went underground.

Now much of Bear Creek is enclosed,  lost to old maps and history.

History is important to modern day infrastructure,  as mother nature plays by her own set of rules regarding Thunderstorms.

Water will always attempt to find its own level,  often across large distances and uneven terrain.

Urban expansion “forced” change to natural water flow,  sometimes with unforeseen consequences to downstream communities.

Now in 2016, I urge various City Councils,  SEMCOG leaders, County officials to RE-examine the past choices regarding Clean Drinkable Water via the ClintonRiver and Lake St Clair. 

We are all connected,  so lets keep just Rain-in-the-Drain. The toilet sewers need true, complete,  Waste Water Treatment Plants.

The old CSO strategy has to come to an end.  Combined Sewer Overflows are ruining the Water Wonderland.



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One Comment
  1. David Orlowsky permalink

    Some really good information here. Concerned about protecting wetland/woodlot in Frahzo-Dequindre area. Thanks for your efforts and your research on this very critical matter.

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