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July 23, 2016

Local government recently received a harsh “awakening” to Flooding,  FEMA,  Water management. They were forced to “”deal-with-it””.

MiFloods.Org has been around for a long,  long,  time.  The City of Warren is part of the Organization.

The QUICK guide

Warren has been wet for decades. People have called City Operations,  attended City Council meetings,  etc.,  etc.  The “Catch-to-it-All”  – the COUNTIES are inter-linked,  inter-connected,  co-mingled for stormwater. It makes it tougher to point a finger at anyone in particular.

WHY would Warren,  an inland, landlocked,  NO BEACHES, No Lakes,  community,  be on a FEMA National flood Program since early 1970’s  ????   I’ll let that sink in a second or two or three.

WHERE is all the water coming from ?    Repeatedly,  year after year,  Warren floods,  yet the ClintonRiver is a good distance away.  Did another county FORCE its stormwater into Warren ??   Why yes it did.  There I said it,  in print,  on the internet.

It was a FEDERAL PROJECT to bring stormwater into Warren. Ramrodded,  forced down our throats,  without much of a fight.

Soooo when a smart ass engineer says they know nothing about flooding in various neighborhoods  :

A.)  They are lying to your face

B.)  They are Ignorant

C.)  They should have others check their homework,  calculations,  and reading comprehension skills for a few more years before signing off on anything near your home.

Oh,  and by the way,  it doesn’t take an engineer to know water from high elevations – flows to lower elevations, continually,  relentless, mercilessly,  until the HIGH elevation source is shut off. Otherwise,  it just happens all over again.

Find me a resident how likes being financially tortured by repeated flooding only to be told its their own damn fault by city officials.

Lets turn the torture game on its head by thoroughly infoming ALL real estate agents to avoid Warren. Educate them on FEMA failings, Engineering failures,  and Real World wet basements.  Put it on the internet,  social media,  for all to see. Drop those property assessments to scrap value,  ZERO tax income,  zero business startup, and affect government pocketbooks, elections,  and politicians careers.

Fix the flooding in people’s houses, step up,  take responsibility,  be ethical.  The flipside of the coin is a nasty ugly path.


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