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August 16,2016 Storm

August 16, 2016

A tremendous amount of rain is forced into underground pipes by many dozens of communities – and it ends up in the Clinton River. 

Think about 16+ feet of water,  over open channel spans of 50, 75, 100 feet across;  from Warren to Mt. Clemens. That’s a LOT of stormwater moving a lot of sediment into Lake StClair. 

Think about how many Bridges exist from Dequindre all the out to Moravian and towards Harley Ensign Marina. 

 ALL built to accomodate stormwater,  combined sewer overflow,  coming from places like Oak Park. – That’s 8 Mile and Greenfield rainwater,  diverted to LakeStClair via the Clinton River. Does that make logical sense to you,  a taxpayer,  a voter,  a homeowner ?

OVER 1/2 a Million Dollars,  every year,  since 12TownsDrain,  in OAKLAND COUNTY was built, draining into Red Run,  in Warren. 

Time to seperate the sewers LBrookP. Your county is NOT poor. 

Time for Oakland County residents to pay   their-fair-share,  ante up the tax revenue,  and actually fix their infrastructure inadequacies contaminating (via SSO/CSO) the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair. 

I put the blame squarely and firmly on Lewis Brooks Patterson, who skirted around the environmental issue of SEWAGE disposal.

 He bragged about it in his speech.

Macomb County needs to stop pussyfooting around,  engage the FEDERAL EPA,  The Supreme Court, and force OaklandCounty to reduce SSO/CSO events.

 “”Spray and Pray” ” does not cut it anymore for GWK Retention Basin. Find a way to reduce the volume of water.  Stop throwing the problem onto MacombCounty HomeOwners. Our houses,  basements,  and families mean something greater than your sewage overflow. 


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