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No CSO fines from EPA

August 22, 2016

The reality is that the EPA does little to enforce CSO/SSO laws, does not collect fines,  and basically looks the other way.

The track record was clearly established in this 2005 independent report – and nothing has truly changed since  !

A review of EPA and state data suggests that many permittees have fallen far short of complying.

With no precedent of harsh,  strict, fine enforcement from the EPA, permitees did whatever they wanted the past 10 years.


Those numbers tell a clear story of the EPA having no real teeth. No state is afraid of a fine. Oakland and Macomb Counties have done little to stop  CSO/SSO overflows. They expect residents to “”live-with-it” ”

Michigan claims real time reporting of CSO/SSO events – but it’s a joke. Data doesn’t appear online for several days.  Throw in a major Holiday,  it could be almost a week, before the manual,  paper driven, data shows up.  Add in the InterCounty mis-communication of one hand not knowing what the other is doing.

Lack of notice about specific CSO occurrences and impacts,  leaves the public exposed to unnecessary risk; neighborhoods may not be aware that the nearby river or lakefront is overloaded with bacteria and unsafe to enter.

Macomb residents have to look to Oakland County – to see if the GWK Retention Basin had a CSO release.

Nothing will change without intense public outcry to get COURT ORDERS to seperate the sewers. Local Officials simply are not pro-active, they are reactive, after the sharks take a bite out of their ass. No pain, no action.

Property value and quality of life are HUGE motivating factors for families. When beaches are repeatedly closed,  basements get wet,  and streets are impassable – people get angry.

Oakland County is one of the richest in the entire nation.  How long will the rest of the state put up with their sloth,  noncaring,  selfish attitude toward their neighbors along Dequindre and 8 Mile ?

IF you have factual info of Oakland County paying an EPA fine for CSO/SSO release,  I would love to see it. Please leave a comment regarding the fine amount,  date of occurance,  and which facility was involved.






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