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August 27, 2016

Do people generally fill things from the Top or the Bottom ? Sounds like a simple question.  Direct,  straight forward,  to the point,  not terribly complicated.

When something is filled from the bottom, it is generally PUMPED in, under pressure. It has to –  to overcome the atmospheric pressure pushing down on it.

Does any city pressurize its street drainage system – of course not, that would be foolish you say ?

So when a simple gravity pipe attempts to connect to “a system” operating at 2 atmospheres or 20 psi – it can’t.  The water cannot enter.

When the Red Run is full,  at 20 to 30 ft deep, those little street drains are not effective, they are rendered useless. In fact they begin to BACKFILL,  to the manholes at street level,  leak, spill water into the dirt,  saturating it.

The water from the Red Run starts entering your neighborhood, saturating the ground very quickly, around leaky crumbling manhole connectors.

The Red Run is connected to the Storm sewers – when they leak,  it infiltrates your Floor Drain. No matter how much you pump,  the Red Run just overwhelms it.  As long as the Red Run is HIGH,  your basement is at risk.

Poor Engineering – A Blunder – A colossus ScrewUp,  yep,  yes, correct. I’ll give it to you straight. Without continual screaming for blood,  several pounds of flesh out of someone’s ass,  some firings, and basically a Revolution – it won’t change.  Pain needs to occur,  at a County and State level.  When they feel pain,  their personal paycheck on a chopping block ,  ousted to an unemployment line – then it gets fixed.

Why should any Macomb resident suffer so that Oakland County can EVADE  its own sewage problem ?  Hold  LBrooksP accountable for his actions. Make him tear up the streets,  seperate the sewers, and build a true WWTP,  within Oakland County borders.


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