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Low tech sewer flow

September 22, 2016

Our stormwater and sewer pipes function primarily on gravity flow. No energy expenditure,  no moving parts,  basically set and forget. The guts of the system is low tech. 

A simple “blockage” strategically placed in a large pipe can divert flow. This dam is called a weir. 

A weir dam functions everyday,  all times of day,  never needing to be turned on or off – it just exists in the pipe.

The 14 Oakland County cities that take part in the GWK Retention Basin – all flow into one spot.  The WEIR dam determines what gets diverted,  and what flows over it. It is all dependant on the rainfall. 

It is a fact,  we are getting more rain than we did in the past. Engineering based on outdated historical logs, now miss the mark,  fail,  can’t accomodate the storms. 

Excerpt :
“Climate Central’s analysis of more than 3,000 rain gauges nationwide shows that heavy downpours are happening more frequently than they did in the 1950s. We found that all but two of the Lower 48 states have seen an increase in the number of heavy downpours happening each year, on average,compared to the 1950s, and 28 states have seen at least a 25 percent increase in these heaviest events.
– With downpours projected to be even more frequent and intense as the world continues to warm, we can expect more of these costly and dangerous overflows for many years to come.”


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