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Quicker Ecoli Testing

September 27, 2016

By using a quantitative polymerase chain reaction test (qPCR), lab workers can look for a specific DNA, and get Ecoli results in four hours.

Because the test focuses on DNA,the lab can differentiate the waterfowl poop,from the dog poop, and the human poop.

A big part of Ecoli testing involves where the sample originates. Ecoli clings to wet beach sand. Each sand particle has many cracks and crevices, ideal for bacteria to attach. Taking a sample of water, with hip waders, 20 ft from the shoreline – will show a completely different set of Ecoli results.

Early in the morning, with NO ONE at the beach,the sand lays flat, undisturbed, and peaceful. Add 1,000’s of people and kids,the sand is whipped-up,mixing with the water.

Which sampling method do you trust yields the best results for your family ? Educate yourself so no one can fool you with the test results. It is your tax dollar at work afterall. 

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