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Max Volume of Red Run ? 

September 29, 2016

What is the max volume allowed by law to entire the Red Run open stormdrain channel ?   If someone has that number or court case, please comment on this story. 

Did the geniuses who pushed the Green GO button on I-75 Expansion ever visit the Red Run at Ryan Road AFTER a hard rain  ???   

It rained a bit at midnight as I fell asleep in NorthWest Warren on Wednesday night September 28th. 
The odd thing about the weather,  it came the other direction,  starting in the East and going to the West due to a Low pressure system modifying the wind direction. 

Curious to see how the rain affected the Clinton River via the Red Run and other tributaries. So I checked the USGS gauges. 

At noon Thursday,  the news repirts claimed residents were under Flash Flood and Food Watch adviseries. 

This is what the Red Run,  flowing under the Ryan Road Bridge,  looked like around noon on Thursday September 29

How much more do our local politicians and drain commissioner think they can cram into this drain ? 

When will someone stand up to LBrooksP and say NO !   Push the stormwater from I-75 expansion INTO the basement and businesses of OaklandCounty.  Let Oakland FEEL the pain,  every rain,  until they go insane.  They can’t just dump it over Dequindre for Warren residents to deal with. Time to start saying NO and FIGHT BACK.  


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  1. I don’t know of any law put you should see what they did at Freedom Hill to protect the Amphitheater. They built a berm around the edge of the Red Run that water can only fill the fields near the houses behind the Red Run east bank.

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