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Parjana and StormWater Summit 2016

October 4, 2016

A local Michigan company, PARJANA has an innovative solution to stormwater runoff – prevent it from happening by efficiently utilizing the open areas all around us. They’ll be at the upcoming 2016 Stormwater Summit at LTU (Lawrence Technological University) this Friday – October 7 – on the Southfield Campus. Come take a look.



Parjana has a patented product that takes full advantage of the Vadose Zone


The EGRP (energy passive groundwater recharge product) aids the infiltration of rainfall into the soil, thus improving large areas where precipitation puddled, ponded, or ran off. It’s a paradigm shift, a new thought process, to be proactive concerning stormwater. The EGRP has 5 tubular channels that can be extruded into varying lengths to accommodate various site conditions.




Instead of a developer paving a parking lot with asphalt, or pouring concrete, funneling all the rain into drains and flowing it “somewhere else” – The EGRP products can be installed FIRST, in the ground, and a Porous Parking Lot Surface put on top, resulting in zero additional strain to existing underground stormwater systems.  The EGRP products are also extremely useful for golf courses, large open grassy fields, etc.  to offset the devastating stormwater effect from all the existing impervious surface all around us.

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  1. Awesome article, thank you!

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