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October 29, 2016

Let me awaken your inner fears with horror from 10 years ago
The Macomb Daily ran a story in 2006 — “Sewage discharges up in 2006

The article starts off — “More than 1.6 billion gallons of sewage was dumped into Lake St. Clair in 2006,  by government facilities that have made hundreds of millions of dollars in improvements designed to prevent sewage overflows.”

“Officials blame the huge volume of discharges, a one-third increase over 2005 amounts, on an unusually rainy year that often pushed the sewer systems beyond their capacity.

Did ANYBODY catch that – read it again – That was 10 damn years ago folks.

Local governments spent $ 500 MILLION dollars , Federal Money, on upgrades and they still missed the mark by a massive, astronomical mark – Back in 2006

The Macomb Daily article of 2006 goes on to say “sewers and sewage retention basins overflowed into the lake 59 times in the past year. That pollution is blamed for the poor water quality and excessive weed growth along the Lake St. Clair shoreline.”

REALLY, no kidding, you say.

It did what ? – Overflowed – Polluted – Hurt Property Value

Public Officials said – don’t worry, we are on the job , we fixed it .

The GWK Drain, the facility completed a $144 million improvement project in June.”
The 10th time in 2006 that the GWK Drain has overflowed, dumping 745 million gallons of sewage into the waterways. But that compares to a high water mark of 2 billion gallons at the facility in 1998.

Pardon me but SERIOUSLY – have all the  residents of Macomb and Oakland Counties been smoking crack, doing ecstasy, heroin, Trippin’ Out, stoned FOR A DECADE ????

WHY is it not better in 2016 ?  Why no Political Massacres with Public Hangings  ?

Yes it’s gory as all hell, but this is a Halloween masterpiece of FACTS , not fiction.
Maybe we do need a Zombie Apocalypse where each resident gets an axe, a torch soaked in napalm, and reinforced Hummers to drive onto the lawns of politicians, scaring them a bit. Obviously nothing has scared them the past 10 years, so get to it already. Scare a politician , it is the season.
Fire and Damnation.png
The 2006 article from the Macomb Daily continues :

“Environmental groups have sharply criticized the failure of local governments in the United States and Canada to curtail overflows. A report released in November by the Toronto-based Sierra Legal Defense Fund said the Great Lakes are being treated like a “toilet,” with 24 billion gallons of overflows annually into the five lakes and Lake St. Clair.”

How much money did that 2006 article mention ?

“After an $80 million fix to the surrounding sewer systems, officials boasted that the Martin and Chapaton retention basins in St. Clair Shores had overflowed just a combined 36 times from 2002 to 2005. But in 2006 alone those two facilities overflowed 19 times, dumping 529 million gallons of sewage into Lake St. Clair.”

Rainfall in the area for 2006 measured 41.5 inches.

And yes this a TRUE story,  so bone shocking real , it should incite Damnation


If a politicians house does get damaged – well you brought it on yourselves, right  ?  We are waayy past the point of being comical and satirical. The elections are coming and you deserve to be scared of what might happen.



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