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The “right” to flood others ?

December 3, 2016

Does a population at a Higher Elevation automatically have the “right” to flood those of a lower elevation  ?  Is it just a matter of owning geographical territory that is higher than someone else, that automatically entitles them to throw stormwater down upon those below  ?

It would appear to be that simple according to the history of Oakland County and the Red Run Drain – which flows into Warren within Macomb County.  Over the years, the area near 14 Mile and John R became more commercialized, more industrialized, with much more asphalt, parking lots, and buildings.  The catch – the drainage system remained the same. As I-75 became more congested, and the Oakland Mall shopping vicinity expanded, more and more stormwater gets FUNNELED directly into the Red Run Drain.


Notice the large + crosshairs of 14 Mile and Dequindre Road on the map above. They serve a great reference point to focus upon as your eyes follow the I-75 Highway from the Oakland Mall area down towards the 12 Mile area. You’ll see the water drainage in BLUE.

What exactly is the upper LIMIT of volume in the Red Run Drain before Macomb County says no more, stop, cease and desist, halt,  block and permanently terminate the flow  ?

It is afterall affecting the infrastructure of Warren owned bridges , like the one on Ryan Road, between Chicago and 14 Mile. The water has risen so high it has overflowed the bridge deck and kissed its bottom a number of times.  It is most certainly going to continue to happen in the future, until the bridge fails.

August 11 2014 flood event

May 25, 2011 event

Neighborhood streets drain into Red Run – July 2011

How can the streets drain properly , when the water level is almost at Bridge Height ? They simply can not , and the water gets backed up – forcing itself into people’s basements.  A documented, proven fact, repeated numerous times . Ask my neighbors, we’ve all been hit on numerous occasions, loosing possessions, time, financial resources.

People can clearly see the piping leading into the Red Run Drain via public documents. They have specific names like Henry Graham,  Wilson, Walker Relief, North Drain, South Drain, etc.

North and South Drains.png


It is no secret that Centerline forces its over flow UP towards the Red Run Drain as well, further contributing volume into the tributaries of the Clinton River.

Centerline SSO Path.png

We here in Macomb County get plenty of of our own rain thank you very much.  It has only one place to go, into the Clinton River tributaries. The Tank/Missile/Arsenal area must also drain itself to prevent from being a massive continuous swamp . General Motors built in Warren specifically because it had a LOT of water –


When will Oakland County  grab the bull by its horns and say Oh Wow – we built a huge mall and massive commercial/industrial corridor without installing, building, or creating a Waste Water Treatment Plant for all that sewage  ?   LBrooksP skirted the issue with the 12 TownsDrain snafu that has had continual problems over the years, barely, marginally, threading the loophole of SSO and CSO events. Places as far away as Oak Park, pay to have their stormwater routed into the Red Run Drain. Does that still make sense today  ?



GWK Basin diagram.png

If DETROIT is sooooo vacant and has OVER capacity – why doesn’t more of Oakland County’s stormwater  sewer flow into Detroit infrastructure lines  – instead of flooding those at lower elevation along the Clinton River  ?

If Oakland County wants true transparency, openness,  – SHARE  the actual stormwater volumes of the drains into Red Run Drain and come clean about who gets charged what !

Open Data.png

Basin Discharge CSO.png

We used to be able to see differences


Then it changed

SOCSDS events.png

FOIA Oakland Water Volume.png

What will it take to make the records PUBLIC for the Henry Graham,  Wilson, Walker Relief, North Drain, South Drain, etc.  ? Obviously people are being charged MONEY $$$$$ based upon some kind of measurements  ?

With new construction along I-75, even more water volume will enter the Red Run Drain .  How exactly were those calculation made, by whom, and approved how – concerning residents in a County the other side of Dequindre Road – at a lower elevation  ?

Will Warren residents have to live in fear every hard rain to see their backyards full of water, their basements flooded, suffer financial loss – because Oakland County forces its will over the entire region  ?  I say no  !  Enough is enough. There are are limits. Perhaps they need to be imposed by Court Orders from the Feds and State.


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