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Animals on StormWater Drains ?

January 15, 2017

The Red Run Drain in Warren flows into the Clinton River and on out to Lake St Clair. An easement for vehicles exists, enabling access for Fire Trucks to put out brush fires along with various forms of heavy earth moving equipment from time to time.

Since much of Warren , Sterling Heights and other cities nearby is heavily populated, having different types of farm animals near people is a contentious issue.


I have to wonder how much ENFORCEMENT actually occurs from inspectors opening gates, peering over fences, and investigating reports of citizens actually raising animals. Perhaps a video drone could fly over property without the need to ring doorbells, open gates , to enhance enforcement of local ordinances ?

Many local ordinances basically say the exact same thing – raising and keeping animals for consumption of some kind, is restricted near public places , like stores & dwellings.

It is literally a slippery slope from eggs, to milk, to slaughter for meat, and giving, bartering, selling items for profit, without inspection, regulation, taxation.  A skinned rabbit carcass without furry paws intact, “can” easily look like “other” animals. There is a term easily researched via Google known as “”roof rabbit””.

It gets interesting with the Michigan Agriculture Commission involvement.

The State Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has people sitting on the inter-county DRAIN boards like Michael R. Gregg and Jamie Clover Adams.


Many people have property which is along the stormwater drain and some feel their backyard is beyond reproach from anyone walking along the public easement. The easement is on the Macomb County Master Plan for recreational use. It would be a welcome addition to enhance non-motorized transportation in Macomb County.

Bike Path.png










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