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The Warren Connection OMID 2017

January 28, 2017

January 2017 is just about over and The City of Warren “still” struggles with an ongoing issue dating way back to 2013 – over 4 year ago – concerning stormwater connection to OMID.  Anyone who views the INTERCEPTOR system architecture can clearly see it flows through Warren on its way to Detroit’s large Waste Water Treatment Plant.

It is time for serious diplomatic resolution of flooding issues affecting Warren, one of Michigan’s largest cities, and evolve forward for the greater good of SouthEast Michigan. There should be ZERO punitive fees, no massive installation charge, for a simple hookup into an INTERCEPTOR pipeline that has already existed since the 1970’s. Warren residents should NOT be financially punished for what occurred in the past, since there was no flow. A fair, reasonable usage fee, based on Wet Weather stormwater volume now, is justified.



Oakland Sewage.png

Warren Connection OMIDDD.png

Industrial Stormwater Michigan.png

Ordinary homeowners, residents and their families should share the cost of infrastructure, along with the Industrial Giants who use vast amounts resources in SouthEast Michigan. Infrastructure improvement benefits everyone, as industry also suffers losses when workers cannot commute to the work site due to flooding of highways, freeways and streets . Numerous examples like this exist as reminders:



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