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Looking back at 2016

March 2, 2017

The metropolitan Detroit area has several Retention Treatment Basins (RTBs) around SouthEast Michigan that release “treated” flow into rivers and lakes.

For 2016 alone, the grand total, is 16 Billion gallons – from the RTBs.


As we all know, rainstorms are dynamic, ever changing, un-predictable natural events.

It can rain like hell in one city, a deluge, a torrent, a monstrous amount, while leaving adjacent, nearby cities and communities barely touched, almost dry, just sprinkled.

The operators at the Retention Basin facilities work diligently around the clock, and some rain events last hours;  while others stretch into several days of relentless rainfall. The workers are in a repetitive cycle, based primarily on gravity fed drains, of filling the basin, treating the flow, discharging flow, de-watering the basin, and cleaning the basin.

Very hard long thunderstorm events push the basin systems until it becomes almost free flow, minimal screening, minimal “treat/spray” with extreme quick hold/turnaround period – because the VOLUME of stormwater runoff is just too large.

I’ll leave it up to your imagination of what toilet sewage – gets captured – as it flows thru a 2 inch  x  2 inch  square screen mesh  – for the “”treatment”” in a retention basin.


Interested in reading the Official Report – prepared by the GLWA – all nice and polished

I encourage people to read. PLEASE ask questions, educate yourself, protect your homes and family. Personally I found it outrageous that folks have waterfront property, complete with seawalls, docks for the boat; and still build a pool for their kids to splash around in. Paying a mortgage, insurance, and taxes for a piece of property where you CAN NOT jump off the seawall into the water and swim – is a sad situation.

Ask the folks on the other side of Dequindre Road, in OaklandCounty, how they would feel, if MacombCounty just plain SHUT THE DOOR on receiving any stormwater/sewage flow. They have acres upon acres of inter-connected waterways via Cass  Lake, Orchard Lake, Sylvan Lake, etc., etc. – with absolutely no Waste Water Treatment plants for their toilets.


GERRYMANDERING exists  – which area belongs to which politician ??????

Ask why there are no Waste Water Treatment Plants that release into those lakes  ?

Slowly you begin to see the political nonsense that impedes CLEAN WATER in MICHIGAN




Does it really make sense to you – for Oxford, Michigan – to send sewage – via the Interceptor drain system – ALL THE WAY to Detroit Michigan for processing ?

The same goes for West Bloomfield — really — its sewage goes thru Warren to Detroit ?

THIS is the Interceptor Sewage System of metropolitan Detroit – for OaklandCounty



Interceptor Diagram.png



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