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March 18, 2017

I started this endeavor quite a while ago and as you know, things change on the internet from time to time. Items get reorganized, various sites get bought and sold, and some things are just plain deleted , never to be seen again. From way back in July 2011, until now, I’ve published over 500 posts on WordPress.

On occasion I came across , sensitive information, that upon exposure to the public via my postings – suddenly disappeared – because “they” didn’t want you to know it.

IF you come across a Broken Link, something that gave you an error, PLEASE  type a quick comment alerting me to that fact. Comments can be created at the bottom of each post.


I’ve struggled over the years with various Picture Databases. Years ago I had tons of content on Webshots, then that went away and I went to Picasa and Panaramio. Now it seems Google Photos wants to own everything. If you come across a link, and it gives you an error, please let me know, so I can attempt to fix it. Some items might be tougher to fix than others,  but I’ll give it my best shot.

Error codes

WordPress has this other “feature” that is slightly annoying to me.  It allows me to see in the daily statistics,  that people attempted to search for something – but it doesn’t tell me exactly what-was-searched-for , grrrrr  !!

Unknown search terms

Please drop a comment at the end of a post you looked at – ASK ME about what you wanted information on. I’ll do my best to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, etc.

Government generally does NOT like people poking around the Water Infrastructure.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for water sector information coordination to insure a secure infrastructure.

This needs to change !  – When your Property Value is now impacted by outdated, archaic, poorly designed solutions, with little foresight to the future, it becomes vital to your family economics. As a resident, a citizen of the USA, you should know how and where your tax dollars are being spent, even if they are buried deep underground .

Your water and sewage rates involve topography, elevation, geography and oh yes politics; complete with idiotic gerrymandering, strong arm tactics, leverage, and mild extortion.

If someone lived on a mountain,  they would pay a higher fee for drinking water,  since it has to be mechanically pumped/pushed up the elevation.  A similar scenario exists for those living a very far distance away from the treatment facility. Do you truly know EXACTLY where your drinking water came from, are you definitively sure about it ? What about about your toilet flush, laundry tub drainage, kitchen disposal grinder , do you know the route it takes to the “treatment plant” and why you are charged accordingly  ? Are you charged for Rain, impervious flow, runoff from your roof, driveway, porch ?



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