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State Oversight for Flooding ?

March 26, 2017

It’s fairly obvious few ordinary residents have a clue how much StormWater/Sewage crosses over the DEQUINDRE borderline, between Oakland and Macomb counties. I’ll even go so far as most local City Council members and elected officials are also unaware.

Time for State Oversight – crushing an outdated failed inter-county drain board ?????

The Water Volume.jpg

The United States Geological Survey – National Map – Viewer  –

That big open BARE SPOT on the map = the 12Towns Drain area from Oakland

GWK 12TownsDrain

The MDEQ certainly isn’t able to tell anyone the cumulative total of gallons that enters the City of Warren from OaklandCounty  – because it simply isn’t measured by equipment. The combined sewage overflow (CSO) entering the Red Run Drain from the South Oakland County Sewage District System (SOCSDS -12Towns) –  just doesn’t include all the drains.

MDEQ Red Run Drain

When literally MILLIONs and on occasion BILLIONs of gallons of water enter the City of Warren via the Red Run Drain , the street drains become useless, ineffective, blocked !!

GWK outlet.jpg

Do people generally fill things from the Top or the Bottom ? Sounds like a simple question.  Direct,  straight forward,  to the point,  not terribly complicated. When something is filled from the bottom, it is generally PUMPED in, under pressure. It has to –  to overcome the atmospheric pressure pushing down on it. Does any city pressurize its street drainage system – of course not, that would be foolish you say ?

Pressure at the bottom.jpg


Surcharge Description.jpg

It seems fairly obvious that the water inflow, crosses the county borderline, causing residents in Warren grief, pain, frustration, aggravation as the Red Run Drain rises. No wonder The City of Warren has a flooding problem for many, many decades now.

The Michigan Infrastructure Transportation Association’s (MITA) so-called analysis of storm water discharges needs to do a better job !  I doubt it could tell anyone the volume that passes by any house or business in Warren – for any given storm event.

The Path.jpg

The picture below is during a dry spell – showing the depth and width Red Run

Stormwater  + (CSO)  has filled the channel, near the top, numerous times.

Red Run Drain Warren Michigan.jpg


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