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Question and Answer time

April 6, 2017


City: Warren
State: Michigan
Subject: Flooding
Message: Who actually knows the StormWater Flow occurring under the Ryan Road
– Red Run Bridge ? The USGS gauges were removed years ago. Water has
washed over the bridge deck a few times the past decade , and it will only
get worse. More stormwater flow into Red Run via I-75 expansion – —

The ANSWER   (Keep in mind exactly where I-75 is on the maps below)

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 11:29 AM, Rep. Patrick Green (District 28)
<> wrote:

Dear ______________,

Thank you for contact me in regards to flooding concerns on Ryan Rd.
My staff has followed up with MDOT regarding the issue with I-75
and received the below response:

In response to your inquiry on the flooding of Ryan Road
and the potential impacts of the I-75 project,
I have some information for you about some solutions MDOT is looking at:

The improvement should have no negative impact
on the storm water drainage system.

It will in fact be an improvement.
We are currently studying solutions to limit the additional flow
by separating out our drainage water from a
combined sewer overflow (drainage and sanitary mix).

We will reduce the impact to the Oakland County combined sewer system.
Currently the freeway drains to the Oakland County system
at numerous points throughout the corridor.
The proposed design that is being developed
will reduce access to a single location.
The conceptual design is draft,
and being designed to hold and store storm water
up to the 100 year storm (bigger than what is existing)
and then release the flow back to the GWK system (in Oakland County)
at a significantly reduced rate, via a sensor system.

We expect to separate our water from the local’s and County’s,
store it and then release at a slower rate, compared to what exists.

It will then be treated at the GWK facility,
which outlets to the Red Run Drain.
This treatment will improve the water quality.

It will be an overall improvement and benefit to the stakeholders
—motorists, County, local communities, etc.
The study is on-going and requires a lot of detailed coordination.
The improvement is scheduled for 2020.

Ryan Road itself is under the jurisdiction of the
Macomb County Road Commission,
and they can be contacted at: 586-463-8671
They may be able to provide information on the roads flooding
and the impacts of the Red Run drain.
Unfortunately, as noted in the response from MDOT,
Ryan Rd falls under the Macomb County Road Commission.

My staff followed up directly with the Road Commission raising your concerns.
They were told that it would be best to have a direct constituent complaint
to go along with the phone call our office put in.
Therefore, I would suggest calling the Road Commission
and raising this concern with them. They can be reached at 586-463-8671.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions
or if I can be of further assistance to you in the future.
Kindest regards,
Patrick Green
State Representative
District 28

Patrick Green Michigan Democrat

Flood Map Oakland Macomb.png

Dequindre Interceptor


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