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Size of the Red Run Drain

April 16, 2017

Far too many people see the Red Run Drain as insignificant, not very large, etc. Let’s jump right into some pictures showing its shape, length and depth. For all practical purposes – it is a Trapezoid – open drain channel – about 30 feet deep – for 6 miles.

Length Red Run Drain.jpg

Red Run 1.jpg

Red Run 3

Now imagine that entire channel – full to the upper edges – with stormwater – and sewage overflow from a dozen plus cities in OaklandCounty – spilling into Warren Michigan.

Red Run 4.jpg

The Calculation.jpg

For just ONE MILE of the Red Run Drain it holds about 13 Million cubic feet


Just ONE MILE represents 95 Million gallons of stormwater and sewage overflow .  The Red Run Drain easily stretches from Dequindre to Hayes entering the Clinton.

Entire Red Run Drain.jpg

Perhaps now you get a “”feel”” for the massive amount of volume that often crosses the Dequindre borderline between Oakland and Macomb Counties – threatening Macomb residents basements, property, businesses and LakeStClair shoreline.

Those 6 Miles of the open channel drain often are full, almost spilling over the banks, touching bridges, and easily represent a “snapshot” of nearly 600 Million gallons. Of course the river is a dynamic, ever changing, constantly flowing entity.

Red Run Drain – May 25, 2011

Red Run Drain – August 12, 2014

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