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USACE on Dawson Drive in Warren

May 21, 2017

USACE Dawson

I wonder if doorbells were rang and residents were asked about USACE activity by Dawson Drive in The City of Warren along Red Run in Macomb County – how many “might” have a clue what is happening ?

TAX dollars going to be spent – and so very few in Warren really get it  ????

Would any ordinary resident know about the WELLS, the INTERCEPTOR pipes, the drainage around their houses, street or neighbors ?   How do you vote on something you have zero clue is happening , in your own backyard, so to speak ?

Will it guarantee the residents at the end of Dawson Drive don’t get screwed with wet basements every time it rains due to POOR engineering decisions by City Planners  ???

When will residents be compensated for 50 years of wet basements due to water coming up from the drains , during hard rainfalls, thunderstorms, etc.   ?


32 documents of information publically viewable on the internet

Documents USACE.jpg

USACE Warren Project.jpg


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