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Sidewalks by Ryan and Chicago in Warren

May 28, 2017

For the last 50 years, no sidewalks have existed linking residents on the north side of the Red Run Drain , towards Halmich Park in Warren, MI.  -Recently the City of Warren DID update the Ryan Road Bridge with a beautiful walkway protecting cyclists, pedestrians, strollers, wheelchairs, BUT it leads nowhere but mud, slop, high grass, etc.

Now that 2 dilapidated houses have been demolished on the West side of Ryan Road, across the street from the VFW Hall, it’s a great time to create 24/7 and 365 sidewalk access to residents.

Red Run Bridge sidewalk.jpg

MailBox Location Ryan Road

Old house driveway address on Ryan Road

Approach Chicago Road Babylon Club

Just mud, grass, wet puddles, messy walk to Chicago Road

No Sidewalk approach to Chicago Road

Driveways existed, but no sidewalks to get to Chicago Road

Demolition Houses no sidewalk

Recently demolished houses on Ryan Road

Recent house demolitions Ryan Road

Site of torn down houses Ryan Road

Babylon Club to Red Run Bridge

Corner of Babylon Club looking north to Red Run Bridge on Ryan Road

Sidewalk never existed

No sidewalk by Babylon Club on Chicago & Ryan

Beautiful Pedestrian Walkway on Bridge

Along Ryan Road towards Red Run Bridge

No Sidewalk bridge approach

Roughly 50 years, no sidewalk, pedestrian/cyclist access

SideWalk Ends

Sidewalk stops, goes nowhere

Red Run Bridge walkway NO sidewalk to Chicago Road

Walkway off bridge to nowhere

Ryan Road Heavenly Lane by Red Run Bridge

Ryan Road north of Heavenly Lane

Ryan Road north to Dawson Drive

View north to 14 Mile on Red Run Bridge Ryan Road

Separate traffic from bicycles

View south to Chicago Road on Red Run Bridge Ryan Road

Red Run Property.jpg

Location Ryan Road

House 2


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